Ajax with JSP and Servlets Example

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 Posted by Jagadeesh Manne
One person asked me how to ajax with Jsp and servlets. I am not expert in java but in this blog i am presenting what ever i know. if any drawbacks in my examples please let me know. actually i dont know much about ajax but i created a small example.This example for creating dynamic select box using ajax and jsp and servlets. for this example i used following softwares
sqlyog(user interface for mysql)
additionally we have to include sqlconnector.jar files to execute this example
i created following pages for this example
index.jsp: frontend design for this example
GetStates.java : it is a servlet to process request
DBClass.java: It is normal java class to execute sql queries.

for this code also i used MVC same as first example.

next post i will post entire code for this example.if you read comments section in that code you can get idea about this example.if you have any doubt you can post comments in this blog. if you have any suggestions also please post comments.
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