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Monday, March 8, 2010 Posted by Jagadeesh Manne
MVC example download 

install java and netbeans
open netbeans and open project and select this project
install mysql and install sql yog
copy mysql connect jar files to tomcat server lib folder
open sql yog and go to tools and import db.sql file 
and run project
if you have any doubts please submit comment  
  1. Very nice examples....keep doing this....
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  2. hi can u tell me where is model.UserBean clas

  3. That is a model in MVC architecture. that contains getter and setter methods.for example if you want to send 10 employees name,email,phoneno to other page it is very heavy to send.then we will create bean class with name,email,ph etc and we will create one object to this class and we will set all values using setter methods of this bean class and we will add that object to ArrayList object then this list object contains objects of bean class and this object of bean class contains all the details of employee.using for loop we will iterate these values

  4. planning to develop student manamgent application using dwr,yui and java. any help or any suggestions will be appriciated.i will keep updating this blog here onwards

  5. Anonymous
  6. Very Nice Example.. Thanks A Lot

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